February 17, 2011

Reynolds Flat

These photos mean a lot to me, but I wont go too deep as to why.  The valley was muggy, depressing.  I hoped as my Jeep climbed up the canyon that I'd find clear skies and a recognizable sunrise.  A low fog was settling on Big Cottonwood Creek and the sun was rising faster than I had anticipated.  I strapped on my snowshoes and photographed as much as I could during the "Magic Hour" after sunrise.  I wanted to stay longer, but I had to get back to the city.  Back to the inversion.  Back to the sadness.  

Early morning at Reynolds Flat in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah.  

Camera Gear: Canon EOS Rebel XS, Canon 17-40mm f/4L, Singh-Ray graduated ND soft step 2 stop filter, Cokin ND8 0.9 Filter, Cheap Vivitar Tripod.

ISO 200  17mm  f/14  1/400.  Singh-Ray filter, converted to black and white in Lightroom

ISO 200  40mm  f/14  1/400.  Converted to black and white in Lightroom

ISO 200  17mm  f/18  1/500.  Singh-Ray filter

ISO 200  40mm  f/20  1/2.  Cokin filter to slow shutter speed.

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  1. Linds, you have an amazing eye. If I had money, I'd buy some of these!