August 15, 2011

Bonneville Speed Week (1)

Bonneville Speed Week is going on this week out at the Salt Flats in the northwest region of Utah.  Racing started last weekend and will continue through the rest of this week.  Densely packed salt on miles of flat land make this natural phenomenon a breeding ground for speed demons and motor heads.  Competitors line up to take their turn to try and break the speed records set in previous years.  Car bodies of all shapes and sizes are streamlined and modified to maximize speed.  Engines revved and spectators awed as each rocket-like car or motorcycle came up to the starting line.  Completely decked out in fire suits and crash helmets, each competitor was focused on the ride.  There was no joking around, no smiles for the crowd.  These drivers were focused.  Going down a speedway at 200 + MPH is serious business.  One small hiccup and your done.  The goal is speed.  No matter what the cost.  

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