September 25, 2011

Southwestern Adventure: Arches NP

I have returned from my southwestern photo trip with an arsenal of new images.  I am so excited about photography and the possibilities for creatively expressing your experiences and telling your own story.  I had some shots in mind that I wanted to capture and I was able to bring home several more.  My first shot was to get the milky way/night sky in the background of an arch.  I made reservations to camp at Devils Garden at Arches National Park which is right next to Skyline Arch.  I got there after sunset and knew I'd only have time for night shots and sunrise at Arches before I had to get to the next location so I had to work quickly.  It took the help of some fellow photographers to find this arch in the dark, and I was very grateful they were willing to help.  I liked the composition of the Milky Way running through the arch opening so I turned to portrait so I could get more of the sky in the shot.  A high ISO and a wide aperture made this night sky photo possible.  

The next morning I got up extra early to get some sunrise shots of landscape arch.  With such a clear sky the most interesting shot was before the sun came up.  The moon was shining behind me and was able to give me just enough light to get some detail in the arch.

With clear skies silhouettes and night shots became my go-to.  The Arches and it's many shapes and rock formations provided great silhouettes. 

Boring skies bring you to the ground.  Reflected light and contrast make this image work for me.

Tomorrow: Canyonlands

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