September 27, 2011

Southwestern Adventure: Monument Valley

Mittens View is by far the most recognized if not most photographed part of Monument Valley.  I enjoyed the 17 mile off-road loop, but didn’t get anything that jumped out at me photographically.  So I stuck to the Mittens View photographing from the base to the overlook. My campsite even overlooked the Mittens, which was very convenient for both night and sunrise shots.  My time at Monument Valley was mostly relaxing as most of the wonder was right in front of me.  There were areas I wanted to explore, but were restricted and only allowed if accompanied by a well paid guide.  Even though I was photographing essentially the same scene over and over I wanted to make each take unique.  Different light, different angle, different focal length, different eye.  The shooting never stopped.  Even when I was running back down the sandy hill I just hiked up to retrieve my forgotten tripod, I was taking pictures.  Light changes, your eye can catch a view differently and things can come together at a moment’s notice.  The key is to be ready for that moment and have the patience to wait to capture it. 

Tomorrow:  Antelope Canyon

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