February 22, 2012

Location: Zion National Park

Running to the peak of Angels Landing in Zion National Park

I hope to make up for my lack of posting this past month with a large photo post on my latest adventure to Zion National Park.  This was my first trip to Zion as a photographer and I can tell you, it will not be my last.  What an amazing place!  I only had a few days, but they were packed full of adventure, photography and exploration.  I still feel like I have so much more to experience in Zion and I can't wait go back.

A hiker overlooking the soaring cliffs from the summit of Angels Landing

Clouds hang around the peaks of the Court of the Patriarchs

Unknown slot canyon in Zion National Park

Sandstone walls in Zion National Park

The Watchman in the last bit of light

Zion's Canyon Overlook

Sandstone wall and pine trees

Along Kolob Reservoir Road

Zion's Canyon Overlook

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