June 15, 2012

Location: Goblin Valley

Layers of rock in Goblin Valley

Here are some pics from my latest trip to Goblin Valley State Park. The afternoon started out windy, and when I say windy, I mean *blow-your-tent-from-it's-stakes-so-you-never-see-it-again windy, so I was a little skeptical about actually getting out to shoot sunset. As my friends and I hunkered down in the back of a shell covered truck to wait out the wind, the light started to change. The wind died and the menacing clouds broke enough to create some dramatic light in the valley. There were 360° views of magical light. 

The weather never ceases to surprise me. I have learned this time and time again, especially living in a place like Utah. There is a saying in Utah, "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes." This is a valuable truth to learn as a photographer; light can change instantly and if you're not ready for it, you'll miss it. 

The three sisters in Goblin Valley

Photographer takes in the views in Goblin Valley

The Three Sisters in Goblin Valley

*Actual experience. I set up my tent with it staked to the ground in relatively calm weather, go off and play among the goblins in windy-as-hell weather, and come back to three stakes in the ground holding nothing but the air around them. The $25 tent that had been my shelter for so many weekend adventures was gone. 


  1. That is so funny. Sounds like NM winds. We had a pool cover that kind of shredded after 3 seasons of harsh NM sun. One morning Blaine and I were walking about a quarter mile away from home and found a piece of our pool cover on the ground! Sorry about the loss of your tent!

    Love your pics!!

  2. Ha, I kept thinking the tent would land in the road as we were driving back or something, but no. That's funny about your pool cover though!