October 29, 2011

Music: Cold War Kids

Good new bands are hard to find these days.  Great bands are even more rare.  Cold War Kids is one of those 'great bands' for me.  I've listened to them for a few years now and with each new album they continue to impress.  They have been one of my top bands to see live and last Thursday they did not disappoint.

Young Man is traveling with Cold War Kids for part of their 2011 tour and they were very impressive as the opening band.  You can tell these guys are musically talented, and after listening to some of the stuff off their album, they are just as good, if not better, live.  

Lead singer, songwriter and creator of Young Man, Colin Caulfield

Now, onto Cold War Kids.  I can't say enough about how amazing they were live.  I mean, I love their music anyways, but it was a whole other experience live.  Promoting their new album, Mine is Yours, they played a good mixture of old and new, with old favorites like "Saint John" and "Hospital Beds" for the encore.  You could tell they love what they do, and they have fun doing it.  If you haven't heard of Cold War Kids pick up their new album 'Mine is Yours', you won't regret it.

Lead Singer Nathan Willitt

Guitarist Jonnie Russell

Bassist Matt Maust

Nathan Willitt with Drummer Matt Aveiro

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