November 03, 2011




If you are serious about photography, you should think seriously about shooting RAW.  I wanted to show the difference between RAW and JPEG in the photos above.  They were taken seconds apart, same settings, same light.  This example shows how much dynamic range a RAW image picks up vs. the JPEG image.  The colors are richer and deeper and more is being picked up on the sensor.  RAW takes up nearly twice the digital space, but, to me, it is well worth it.  RAW allows you to process your images without losing quality and provides you more to work with in post processing.  Your photos will be better and you'll be overall pleased with the outcome.  

Sure, there are times when shooting in JPEG makes sense and is sometimes your only option if you lack digital space and/or a RAW processing software.  If your camera does shoot RAW, which many do these days, then your camera should come with RAW processing software.  Having the right cataloging program such as Adobe Lightroom makes it easier to work with RAW images as well.  This can all add up, with new software, memory cards, external hard drives...the truth is, if you want to make photography more than a hobby (and an expensive hobby at that) make the jump and up your game with RAW. 

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